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Need a new air conditioner in South Central PA? Choose an experienced team of HVAC professionals to ensure your new system is properly sized and expertly installed.


A quality installation is vital to avoid unnecessary wear and tear, keep your home comfortable, and ensure years of efficient operation with minimal repairs. The team at Neffsville Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Services is ready to help accomplish all this and more with unbeatable customer service and technical expertise.


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Air Conditioner Repair vs. Replacement

When you’re dealing with an air conditioner that’s mostly in good shape with plenty of years of efficient service in its future, you should stick to repairs.

Repairs are a necessary part of the service life of any air conditioner. When an air conditioner lasts a decade or two, that’s likely attributed to regular maintenance and prompt repairs.

However, when your system gets older or needs constant repairs, you should consider an air conditioning replacement. Investing in a new system is more cost-effective than continuing to repair your existing system, replacing worn-down parts one by one.

A new AC also means new features, including improved energy efficiency, precise temperature control, and more. You should opt for an AC replacement:

  • Instead of paying for a major repair that is at least 50% of the unit’s value
  • If your current system isn’t consistently meeting your cooling needs
  • If your current system is nearing the end of its service life
  • If you constantly call for repairs

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How We Help You Select the Right AC for Your South Central Pennsylvania Home

At Neffsville Heating & Cooling, we work with our customers to help them find the right cooling equipment to meet their comfort needs and efficiency goals, whether that means traditional central air conditioning or a ductless cooling system.

We always provide systems from high-quality manufacturers — like Carrier, Amana, and Trane—and install them properly for optimal function. When choosing your new system, we’ll assess your:

  • Home size
  • Temperature zoning
  • Insulation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Budget
  • And more!

We’ll remove and dispose of your old unit and install, calibrate, and test your new system to ensure optimal function.

Contact Neffsville Heating & Cooling online or call (717) 625-1000 to request an estimate today.

Choose Neffsville Heating & Cooling for Expert Air Conditioning Installation in Lancaster & York Counties

When you need a new air conditioner, count on the Neffsville Heating & Cooling team. We’ll make the air conditioning installation process as easy as possible by prioritizing transparent communication every step of the way.


We understand that you may not be able to prepare for your AC replacement if you have a sudden breakdown, so we provide upfront pricing and financing options to ensure you can get the system you need with consideration for budget restraints.


Choose Neffsville Heating & Cooling today for top-quality air conditioning installation. Call us anytime at (717) 625-1000 or reach out to us online to get started.


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We’ll walk you through your AC replacement options and help you choose a cooling system that meets your needs. Request your consultation online or call us at (717) 625-1000 today.

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