Water Conditioning and Treatment

Enjoy clean, healthy water in your Lancaster County home

Does your home’s water smell or taste funny? Are you noticing ugly stains on your bathroom fixtures? Contact Neffsville Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Lancaster’s experts at water treatment and conditioning. Our staff is passionate about giving you and your family access to healthy, delicious water.

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Common Water Issues in Lancaster County

Whether you rely on public water or well water, you may be experiencing one or several of these water issues that are common to our community.

  • Hard Water – Can cause unsightly white stains on your fixtures or pipe and water heater leakage
  • Chlorine Tasting Water – Easily treated and removed through filtration methods
  • Acidic Water – Common with well water, the acid eats at your piping and fixtures, causing leaks and property damage.
  • Bacteria Contamination – Homes that rely on wells for their water should be tested annually for bacteria in the water.
  • Water with Iron – Noticeable orange and red stains on your fixtures and clothing (after washing); water has a metallic taste
  • Foul Smelling Water – The solution to this problem varies depending upon whether it is in your cold water, hot water, or both
  • Dirty Cloudy Water – Deposits lying in the bottom of your toilet tank; can also be seen when drawing water from your tap
  • Green Staining – often noticed in sinks and toilet bowls; hard to remove
  • Brown or Black Staining – often noticed on sinks and toilets; hard to remove
  • Low or High-Pressure Situations – Most often can be corrected through mechanical means

If you are noticing any of these water issues, contact Neffsville Plumbing, Heating & Cooling to schedule a water test. Most tests are free, and we offer lifetime parts and labor warranties on select water treatment packages.

water treatment solves the problems of hard water or dirty water
water treatment filter

Water Treatment Services

To improve your home’s water, we can install a variety of treatment equipment from Lancaster Water Treatment Systems. Our staff will design a system to filter and neutralize your home’s unique water issues.

Our water treatment and conditioning systems include:

  • Water Softeners (salt-based and potassium-based systems)
  • Reverse Osmosis Filters
  • Chlorine Removal
  • Iron Removal
  • Bacteria Removal
  • Acid Neutralization
  • Two-stage Drinking Systems

Schedule a Clean Water Consultation Today

Contact Neffsville Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today to schedule your no-obligation water treatment consultation. To schedule your appointment, use our online form or call us at 717.625.1000.

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