Experiencing Slow or Clogged Drains?

Slow drains are not normal; they can be an indication of serious issues with your sewer and drain systems. Leaves, tree roots, and other debris can accumulate over time and lead to big problems. Don’t wait for a drain disaster, call Drain Shark at Neffsville Plumbing, Heating & Cooling as soon as you see your drain slowing down. No matter how serious, we have certified drain specialists that will fix your drain clogs so that they don’t cause larger issues.

Our team of experienced plumbers regularly encounter varying types of drain problems, so we know the exact cleaning method for functional drain systems. We rely on a variety of drain cleaning methods to remove clogs and restore your sewer and drain systems.

Our Drain Shark cleaning services include:

  • Power Snake Cleaning
  • Hydro Jet Cleaning
  • Video Camera Inspections
  • Line Maintenance
  • Drain Maintenance Products

Prevent Issues with Yearly Drain Maintenance

Don’t wait until you have a drain clog to call a drain expert. Our expert technicians get to the root of the problem when your drains suffer from irritating blockages that can start as a slow drain issue that are sometimes ignored.

Whether you need a quick diagnosis or a regular maintenance visit, Neffsville Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has you covered. Our quality cleaning methods will keep your entire system working properly so you can feel peace of mind again.

Sewer Line Inspection & Replacement

Old and outdated sewer lines frequently need to be replaced, especially in older homes around Lancaster County. Your home’s sewer line may be made of cast iron, steel, or terra cotta, all of which have limited lifespans. Aggressive tree roots can also damage sewer lines, causing leaks and blockage.

With our sewer inspection service, our team relies on a variety of methods and leak detection technologies to determine the condition of your home’s sewer system. We’ll identify areas of concern, blockage, and make recommendations for work or replacement before a major break or backup occurs.

If your sewer line breaks or needs to be replaced, you want a plumber who will respond quickly and replace your sewer line the right way. Our team of knowledgeable plumbers have decades of experience replacing broken and damaged sewer lines, and will restore your connection so you can get back to your life.

Plumbing Customer Care Program

In our 75+ years of experience, we have learned that when home maintenance is neglected problems may worsen. Many of those costly and inconvenient plumbing and drain issues are avoidable with regular maintenance. To help prevent costly plumbing and drain repairs, we offer customer care programs that include free yearly inspections.

About Customer Care Program

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