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Plumbing Services

Neffsville Plumbing & Heating Services offers a full line of water quality treatment options and expertise to our customers. We guarantee same-day emergency service and 100% satisfaction.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Complete Bathroom Remodeling
  • Water and Sewer Installation and Repairs
  • Softener Installation and Repairs
  • Water Treatment/ Purification Systems
  • Well/cistern Pump Service and Installations
  • Sewer and Drain Clean
  • Video Inspection of Lines (location of lines)
  • Water Heater and Garbage Disposal Installation and Repairs
  • Sewage Ejection Systems/Control Panel Repairs
  • Expansion and Backflow Installation and Repairs
  • Underground Leak Detection and Location Services

We have solutions to the following water problems:

  • Hard Water – Can cause unsightly white stains on your fixtures or pipe and water heater leakage
  • Acidic Water – Eats at your piping and fixtures causing leaks and property damage
  • Water with Iron – Noticeable orange and red stains on your fixtures and clothing (after washing); has a metallic taste
  • Foul Smelling Water – The solution to this problem varies depending upon whether it is in your cold water, hot water, or both
  • Dirty Cloudy Water – Deposits lying in the bottom of your toilet tank; can also be seen when drawing water from your tap
  • Bacteria Contamination – confirmed by performing certain tests which indicate or deny the presence of coliform bacteria. This would be on well systems and needs to be tested every year
  • Green Staining – often noticed in sinks and toilet bowls; hard to remove
  • Brown or Black Staining – often noticed on sinks and toilets; hard to remove
  • Chlorine Tasting Water – Easily treated and removed through filtration methods
  • Low or High Pressure Situations – Most often can be corrected through mechanical means


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