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Without professional plumbing tools and expertise, drain and sewer lines are particularly difficult to identify and repair. These problems may not seem to require immediate attention, but delaying service means increased frustration with constant clogs, standing water, strange and foul smells from your pipes, puddles on your lawn, and worse.


The team at Neffsville Plumbing will be glad to help tackle the issue with a wide range of drain and sewer services delivered with unbeatable workmanship and customer service.


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Watch to learn how to Neffsville Plumbing handles all of your drain and sewer problems.

Drain Cleaning & Clearing in South Central PA

When your drains become clogged or slowed down, we’ll be ready to help with comprehensive drain cleaning to get your drains flowing again. Even if you don’t have trouble yet, drain maintenance lets you get ahead of drainage issues.

To keep your drainpipes in optimal condition and prevent a major sewer line clog, don’t allow certain substances to go down your drains, such as:

  • Paper and “flushable” wet wipes that don’t break down properly
  • Oils, greases, and fats that cool and thicken as they go through your pipes, allowing other substances to stick
  • Starchy foods that break down into a glue-like substance and expand when wet
  • Fibrous vegetables and materials that can become clogs
  • Excessive amounts of hair that form a giant, slippery clump with hair conditioner

Our Drain Cleaning Process and Tools

To serve your needs, we work with several technologies to assess and clear drains:

  • Video camera inspections: With a live video feed of the interior of your drains, we’ll know exactly what and where the problem is.
  • Drain snaking and augering: A well-controlled snake or auger can scrape, puncture, and break down even the most stubborn clogs while removing buildup from the sides of your pipes.
  • Hydro jetting: Highly pressurized water will fully scour the interior of your pipes, blasting away buildup without damaging your plumbing.
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Leak Detection & Repair

Hear running water, have suspiciously high water consumption, or notice moisture where it doesn’t belong? The Neffsville plumbing team uses leak detection technology to spot even the most obscure and hidden-away leaks in your home. We can tackle the problem with solutions like repiping, slab leak repair, and more.

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Emergency Sewer Line Repair in South Central Pennsylvania

A serious problem in your sewer line can rapidly become a serious problem for your home with widespread water damage. Take action promptly if you notice signs of needing sewer line services, repair or replacement, such as:

  • Evidence of backflow causing contaminated water
  • Signs of major leaks, like basement flooding, puddles or pools, or greener spots on your lawn
  • Pests and mold that might be feeding on excess humidity and waste
  • Sinking areas in your lawn that indicate soil erosion
  • Foul smells and toxic fumes that indicate a break in your line

Other signs of sewer line issues, like slow drains or constant clogging, might eventually develop into emergencies over time if left untreated. If you suspect a problem, our sewer camera inspections can identify leaks, tree root infiltrations, and other hidden problems.

Choose Neffsville Plumbing for responsive emergency sewer line services. Call (717) 625-1000 for same day assistance!

Sewer Line Replacement

When it comes to sewer line problems, we offer several solutions. Repairs with epoxy-based pipe linings, joint repairs, or small sections of pipe replacement are possible in some cases, like minor leaks or small breaks. However, more significant sewer line issues, like corrosion and deterioration of outdated sewer pipes, require replacement.

For both repair and replacement, your plumbing team will dig a trench around your sewer line to access it directly with minimal disruption.

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When the time comes to resolve those slow drains, aging sewer line pipes, or unbreakable clogs, count on the team of professionals at Neffsville Plumbing to meet your needs with skill, experience, and professionalism.


Ask about our Plumbing Customer Care Program for opportunities to save on routine maintenance and repairs and reduce your exposure to water damage, inconvenient breakdowns, and other headaches!


Reach out to us any time online or call (717) 625-1000 to schedule same day drain and sewer service when you need us most!



Plumbing Customer Care Program

With over 80 years of experience, we have learned that when home maintenance is neglected problems may worsen. Many of those costly and inconvenient plumbing and drain issues are avoidable with regular maintenance. To help prevent costly plumbing and drain repairs, we offer customer care programs that include free yearly inspections.

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