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Your air conditioner needs routine service even if you have a top-quality installation. You’ll need to keep up with minor repairs to keep your cooling system working at its best year after year.


At Neffsville Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Services, we are fully certified and can help fix any issues your air conditioning unit may be facing. Call us 24/7, we are always ready to pick up the phone and help you get cool again.


Schedule AC maintenance or repairs in Lancaster, Lititz, Mount Joy, or surrounding areas today by calling (717) 625-1000 or reaching out online.


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Emergency Air Conditioning Repair in Serving Lancaster, York, Lebanon, Dauphin, and Cumberland Counties

You don’t want to find yourself without cool comfort in sweltering summer temperatures. That’s why we provide a 24/7 answering service and zero overtime fees. Call us whenever you need us, and know that we’ll be there with same day service.

If you’re questioning whether you need professional AC repair, you likely do. Here are the most common issues we resolve:

  • Frozen coils: This is often caused by dirty air filters reducing airflow, dirty coils and moisture accumulation, and other issues with condensation and ventilation.
  • Little or no air blowing: Duct obstructions, dirty filters, failed or damaged blowers, and other problems can lead to depleted airflow.
  • Warm air: If your heat exchangers aren’t doing their job, your system can’t produce cool air.
  • Strange noises or smells: Mechanical component failures can cause all sorts of strange behaviors as belts fray and wear, bearings falter, etc. Weird smells could also indicate excess moisture and mold from clogged condensate lines and leaks.
  • Breaker keeps flipping: Your AC may not be getting enough power. Broken or missing components can cause your unit to pull more electricity, which also trips the breaker as a safety precaution.
  • System short-cycling: If your AC constantly stops and starts, the system itself may be too small, or your thermostat may need recalibration. It’s worth fixing for the lost efficiency alone!

Schedule air conditioning repairs in Lancaster, York, Lebanon, Dauphin, and Cumberland Counties today by calling (717) 625-1000 or contacting us online to restore your cooling system!

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Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your AC requires annual maintenance to resolve any issues that inevitably develop and minimize the impact of wear and tear. You should schedule routine tune-ups in the spring, so you lower your risk of breakdowns and maximize efficiency in the hottest months.

Air conditioning maintenance includes tasks like:

  • Checking for loose connections
  • Recalibrating your thermostat
  • Cleaning, lubricating, and replacing components
  • Looking for common issues and signs of developing problems
  • Replacing or cleaning filters
  • Clearing duct blockages
  • Checking wiring
  • Testing performance and efficiency

Choose Neffsville Heating & Cooling for Same-Day Air Conditioning Repairs in South Central PA

When you need help keeping your air conditioner in top condition, rely on the experts at Neffsville Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Services. We combine exceptional workmanship with great customer service so that we always provide the best care for your system without any stress or delay.


Contact us online or call us anytime at (717) 625-1000 to schedule same day service from the team voted Lancaster County’s number one plumbing and HVAC service company.


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Our HVAC Customer Care program is a great way to ensure you never forget about routine maintenance and comes with additional benefits like priority scheduling for emergency services, waived trip feeds, and preferred pricing.

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We provide emergency and scheduled AC repairs and maintenance for homeowners in south central Pennsylvania. Contact us online or call (717) 625-1000 to request service.

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