You have questions and we have answers.

On any given day, we get phone calls asking questions about our plumbing and HVAC services. Some of them are very simple to answer but some can be more complex in nature. Below are some of our most frequently asked question. If you cannot find an answer below, please call us! We are happy to help!

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Will my trip charge be used towards the cost of my repair?

No. The trip charge is a standard fee in our industry that covers the cost of having a technician dispatched to your home. Any and all pricing thereafter will be gone over with you before any work would begin.

Should I purchase my own plumbing fixtures (faucets, toilets, etc.) before the tech arrives?

We prefer to look at your project with you first to determine the best type of fixture for your situation. We can also provide a much better-quality fixture than what is available at the Home Centers, even those of the same brand. We also can provide a full worry-free warranty if we provide the fixture.

Do you provide service after hours or on weekends?

Yes we do but as a family owned company, we respect our employees time with their families and have limited staff available on nights and weekends to help assist you in the event of an emergency. We cannot guarantee immediate service because of the limited staff but we will do everything we can to accommodate our customers.

How much do you charge an hour?

We follow the modern industry standard of charging by the job and not by the hour. This way, we can give you an upfront price before we start the job to eliminate any surprises to the final cost.

Will the technician be able to fix my issue today?

Our technician will assess your situation and give you all of your options. We strive to resolve your issue at the time of service, but in the event we cannot, we will get your issue taken care of with the least amount of visits, and as quickly as possible.

What is the lifespan of my water heater?

The typical lifespan of a water heater tank is about 10 years before the steel tank inside starts to rust and leak. This can be prolonged by having the anode rod replaced regularly. We also have nonmetallic tanks available that last a lifetime.

Why can I buy the same HVAC system online so much cheaper?

In many cases, equipment sold online is of lesser quality than what we get as a licences contractor. It will not have the warranty that a contractor will offer and in some cases, the manufacturer will not honor or be held liable for equipment not sold or installed by a dealer.

Why should I replace my HVAC system?

Newer equipment not only has a fantastic warranty but can save you money on your monthly utility bills. Poor performing HVAC systems can cost you more than just money on your utility bills, they can affect the air quality in your home. Older equipment will have outdated parts than can be hard to get or don’t exist anymore. It is better to be proactive than be left in the heat or in the cold.

How often should I have my gas furnace serviced?

Every year. Modern furnaces are much more efficient but do have components that need yearly care.

Do I get a discount with my customer care plan?

Yes, and that discount will applies to all service calls.

Is the cleaning of my HVAC equipment included in my Customer Care Program membership?

No. The actual cleaning of your HVAC system is a separate service that may or may not be done at the time of your Visual Safety inspection. You do receive your CCP discount for the cleaning and pay no trip fee.

Which way should my high/low return vents be for the heating and cooling season?

Summer = top open, bottom closed
Winter = top closed, bottom open
*Side note- one of the high/low returns need to be open at all times. If there is a picture in front of a vent or a piece of furniture blocking a vent the other one needs to remain open no matter what season it is.

Should I cover my outdoor AC condenser in the winter?

There is no right answer here. Covering a unit in the winter will keep it looking nicer longer. However, an ac unit is made to be outside in the weather so it can withstand the winters. Covering the outdoor unit also traps in moisture which may rust out electrical components. Covering the unit also makes it a great place for mice to live in the winter and mice love to chew wires. We get multiple calls each year for mouse damage and a large percentage of them have to do with the unit being covered. It really doesn’t matter what you decide to do but there are more chances of problems if you cover it.

Do I need water treatment on public water?

Though public water is mandated to be safe for drinking, most water supplies in Lancaster County still have calcium and other minerals that are destructive to the home’s piping and fixtures that can be removed by a water softener. We offer free water treatment consultations.

How often should my sewer line be cleaned?

It depends on age and condition however they should be inspected with a camera annually if a line is known to have clogging problems. This allows us to document progression of the sewer line and see the if work is needed to prevent costly sewer damage to the home.

What is the lifespan of a sewer line?

Sewer lines are made from all different materials, so the life expectancy varies from line to line. However, the most contributing factors tend to be the landscape around them. Large tree root systems that grow during spring and fall will push the soil around the pipe causing potential pipe failures. The roots can push through causing an offset in the pipe or belly not allowing proper flow or a damming effect where the line will back up or break a joint. Also, the roots can infiltrate the line causing a major collapse or blockage which will cause a clog and back up into your home. Also pipe material such as cast iron, orange burg, or concrete asbestos will corrode over time and collapse at an average of about 40 years causing the same backups into home. We recommend having your line inspected with a camera to see it’s condition before it’s too late and damage is caused. The camera will show us what is needed to repair the line.

Can I get a quote over the phone?

Neffsville does not provide estimates over the phone. Because every service has unforeseen nuances that we cannot predict until a qualified technicians is able to visualize the problem/job. Even something as simple as a toilet replacement can become much more complex than a simple install. We need to see any and all contributing factors to provide an accurate quote to our customers. If we ballpark a quote and estimate too low, we will lose your trust when its higher than what we quoted. If we quote too high over the phone than we may lose your business.

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