Stay Warm and Save With These Five Winter Energy-Saving Hacks

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Stay Warm and Save With These Five Winter Energy-Saving Hacks

Winter holidays can do a number on your budget. While you can’t freeze your winter spending, you can find ways to save money on your energy bills. Here are five energy-saving hacks for your South Central Pennsylvania home.

1. Seal Air Leaks

Do you have rooms or areas of your house that feel drafty? Not only is it uncomfortable, but according to the U.S. Department of Energy, you could be spending an extra 5 to 30% on drafts and air leaks in your home. Simple solutions, like caulk, spray foam, and weather stripping around drafty windows, doors, and your fireplace, can help homeowners spend less on their energy bills and enjoy a more comfortable home.

2. Install and Set Programmable Thermostat

Why not give your heating system a break when you’re at work or sleeping? A programmable thermostat allows you to lower your home’s interior temperature while the house is empty or while you are sleeping. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save up to 10 % on your monthly heating and cooling bills by turning back your thermostat 10 to 15% of your comfortable temperature for at least eight hours a day.

3. Upgrade Your HVAC System

HVAC systems that are older than 15 years should be evaluated for an upgrade. Older HVAC systems, especially those that have not been properly maintained, can be inefficient and waste your money.

If your system fails to reach your desired temperature and requires frequent repairs, it may be time for a professional to evaluate the benefit of a new energy-efficient HVAC system. ENERGY STAR®-rated HVAC systems can save about $200 per year on your utility bill, according to ENERGY STAR®.

4. Conduct Your Own Energy Audit

A home energy audit helps homeowners identify where their home is wasting energy. A professional auditor will analyze your past fuel bills to determine your base energy consumption, inspect your home’s exterior and interior, and conduct a thorough blower door test. You can conduct your own home assessment following a checklist from the Department of Energy.

5. Upgrade Your Insulation

A properly insulated home helps keep your heating and cooling bills in check. The amount of insulation you need in your home depends on where you live. Lancaster County is in the International Energy Conservation Climate Zone 4. Adding insulation to floors above crawl spaces, unheated garages, storage areas, and attic access doors can reduce heat loss.

Turn to Neffsville Heating & Cooling for HVAC Services in South Central Pennsylvania

Stay warm inside and save money on utility bills using these simple energy-saving tips. And, if your system needs maintenance or you’re ready for an upgrade, call the professionals at Neffsville Heating & Cooling. We’re your full-service plumbing and HVAC company in the greater Lancaster County area.

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