Six Common AC Noises and What They Mean

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Six Common AC Noises and What They Mean

Regular AC maintenance is the first key to keeping your system quietly working and extending its lifespan.

Lawnmowers, crickets, and outside BBQs are the sounds of summer. What if your summer sounds are coming from your home’s air conditioning system? Check out these noises and what they might mean.


Banging or Clanking Sounds

A banging or clanking sound may indicate an issue with your system’s compressor or other internal components. A clunking sound could also mean the motor needs lubrication. A professional technician should immediately address these noises.


Rattling Noises

Loose components or debris can cause rattling sounds. Those components can be loose fan blades, screws, or ductwork. Regular AC inspection can prevent or quickly identify and fix these issues.


Clicking or Ticking

This noise can be normal. Your AC unit can make a clicking noise when it turns on or off. If you find the clicking is persistent, the system might be short-cycling, or it could indicate an electrical issue. A trained technician should inspect the system to diagnose the reasons behind the short-cycling clicking noise.


Squealing or Screeching

This noise is hard to ignore! High-pitched noises usually indicate an issue with your system’s fan motor or belt. Belts over time can become worn or misaligned. An annual inspection of the system would flag an issue with the belt.


Hissing Sounds

Don’t call a snake charmer; this sound is most often caused by a refrigerant leak in the system. The sound comes from the refrigerant escaping from the cracks in the piping. Refrigerant can be dangerous to handle, and technicians must possess an EPA license to work with it. A professional should repair the leak and recharge the system.


Buzzing Noises

If your system makes a buzzing sound when turned, it could be frozen. Condensation can freeze on your AC soils and cause layers of ice to form. Make sure to change your home’s air filters to help with airflow and humidity levels. Call your AC technician to get you out of the deep freeze.


Contact Neffsville Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Services for Regular AC Maintenance

Don’t ruin the sounds of summer with a loud AC system. Often, noises from your AC indicate an issue that must be addressed to ensure it runs effectively and efficiently.


Regular AC maintenance is the first key to keeping your system quietly working and extending its lifespan. If you are ready for an AC tune-up or your system is making strange sounds, contact the AC professionals at Neffsville Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Services.


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