Plumbing & HVAC Services in Quarryville, PA

Homeowners in Quarryville, PA, can count on Neffsville Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Services for all their plumbing and HVAC needs. Our commitment to quality, transparency, and efficiency ensures that we stand out as your go-to service provider.


You can count on us for upfront pricing, thorough communication, and top-quality workmanship. Our highly trained technicians will work hard to make sure your home is comfortable and functional year-round.


Contact us online or call (717) 625-1000 today to schedule expert plumbing and HVAC services in Quarryville.

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Signs You Need a Plumber

Even minor plumbing issues can turn into major problems if not addressed promptly. Neffsville Plumbing provides top-tier services to tackle common plumbing emergencies. Here are some telltale signs that you might need a plumber:

  • Garbage disposal issues: If your garbage disposal is jammed or making unusual noises, reach out to our team.
  • Tree root infiltration: If you notice slow draining or gurgling sounds from your toilets, tree roots may have infiltrated your sewer lines.
  • Sink problems: Persistent clogs or slowly draining sinks could indicate a deeper issue within your plumbing system.
  • Toilet troubles: Overflowing or constantly running toilets need prompt repairs from a professional.
  • Backflow testing failures: Backflow is an unsanitary and serious issue that requires immediate attention from an experienced plumbing contractor.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, don’t wait! Call us at (717) 625-1000 to request plumbing repairs in Quarryville.

Plumbing Services for Quarryville Homes

We offer a wide range of plumbing services for residential clients, including:

Water Treatment Solutions

Water treatment solutions are important in areas dealing with rust, iron, and hard water problems. Neffsville Plumbing, Heating & Cooling offers tailored solutions for homeowners in Quarryville, PA. Our water filtration systems effectively remove contaminants, ensuring that your water is fresh, clean, and tastes great.

If you have hard water, consider installing a water softener. These systems are designed to eliminate minerals that can cause limescale buildup, dry skin, and brittle hair. A water softener may also extend the life span of your appliances and improve your water quality.

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Neffsville technician completing HVAC maintenance

HVAC Services in the Quarryville Area

You need a reliable and efficient HVAC system to keep your home comfortable all year. Thankfully, you can turn to our HVAC contractors for comprehensive heating and cooling services in Quarryville.

We have the knowledge needed to provide you with expert HVAC solutions. Whether you need heat pump repairs or ductless mini-split installation, you can trust us to do the job right. We also provide air scrubber and purifier installation to improve your indoor air quality.

Heating Services

When it starts to get cold in Quarryville, you need a functional, efficient heating system. Our HVAC technicians can provide the heating services you need. We work on all kinds of heaters, including oil and gas furnaces and boilers.

Look to us for:

Stay warm this winter with our professional heating services. Call (717) 625-1000 today to schedule an appointment.

Air Conditioning Services

Don’t get stuck with a malfunctioning air conditioning system once summer hits. Let our team handle your AC issues quickly. We offer:

  • AC repair: If your system is blowing warm air or making odd sounds, it’s time for a repair. We’ll diagnose and fix the problem swiftly.
  • AC installation and replacement: Choosing the right AC unit is crucial to your comfort. We offer expert advice on the best systems and handle the installation process from start to finish.
  • AC maintenance: Routine maintenance extends the life span of your AC system, reduces your energy costs, and prevents unexpected breakdowns.

Beat the heat with air conditioning services from a local HVAC contractor. Call (717) 625-1000 today to request AC services.

Why Choose Neffsville Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Services?

Neffsville Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Services has been a trusted home service provider in South Central Pennsylvania since 1940. Our dedication to customer satisfaction, no overtime charges, same-day service, and NATE-certified HVAC technicians sets us apart.


You’ll also love our Customer Care Programs, which make it easy to keep up with plumbing and HVAC maintenance. These programs also provide benefits like priority scheduling and exclusive discounts.


Call (717) 625-1000 now to schedule a plumbing or HVAC service appointment in Quarryville.

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