Tips to Transition Your HVAC From Summer to Fall

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Tips to Transition Your HVAC From Summer to Fall

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Your HVAC system may need a little TLC after all the hard work it put into cooling you down this summer. Check out these tips to help your HVAC system transition from summer to fall demands.


Replace Air Filters

This summer’s scorching heat put your air conditioning unit to the test, causing it to work all day and night to cool your home. Clogged or dirty filters can make your HVAC system work even harder to make your home feel comfortable. Now is an ideal time between seasons to replace your air filters to remove dust and allergens from your indoor air.


It’s also a great time to evaluate whether your home could benefit from an air scrubber or air purification system. This added security helps remove air pollution, VOCs, surface contaminants, pet dander, and more. Your HVAC professional can help you determine if an air scrubber is right for your family.


Clear the Outdoor Compressor

Summer storms can cause dirt and debris to block and damage your outdoor unit. Before fall leaves pile up, examine your outdoor AC unit for bent blades or obstructions to ensure it wasn’t damaged this summer. You should also cut back any summer growth, giving the unit a few feet of foliage-free space to get adequate airflow and limit landscaping from interfering with its operation.


Find and Seal Air Leaks

Leaks in your home’s ductwork aren’t just uncomfortable—they also waste hundreds of dollars in heating and air conditioning costs. You can conduct a leak test by shutting all windows, doors, and fireplace flues and manually inspecting each potential leak point using a lit incense stick to check for smoke movement. You can also get a professional home energy audit with a more sophisticated blower door test to determine how much air enters and escapes your home and where.


Inspect the Wiring

The end of summer is a good time to look at your AC unit and check for frayed or damaged wiring. If you see signs of overheating or wear, ask your professional AC technician to inspect the damage and replace worn or damaged parts.


Examine Your Heating System

It may be hard to believe now as you battle against the heat, but you’ll need a functional heating system soon. Giving your heater a quick test run before it gets chilly outside is a good idea. Turn the heating system to a low setting and check for usual odors or noises. Identifying any issues now avoids an emergency repair later.


Choose Neffsville Heating & Cooling for HVAC Services in South Central Pennsylvania

With temperatures that topped the charts in Lancaster and the surrounding areas this summer, your AC needs an end-of-season maintenance check. The professional technicians at Neffsville Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Services can keep your air conditioner working efficiently with a full-system AC inspection and tune-up. You can set up your annual maintenance with us so your HVAC system has a seamless transition from summer to fall.


Contact us online or call (717) 625-1000 now to schedule air conditioning services in South Central Pennsylvania!

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