Is Air Conditioning Bad for Your Health?

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Is Air Conditioning Bad for Your Health?

Is Air Conditioning Bad For Your Health

Nothing feels better than walking into an air-conditioned home on a sweltering hot day. But is that air conditioning bad for your health?


Although air conditioning provides relief from the oppressive heat, some experts suggest that excessive exposure to artificially cooled environments may have negative effects. Potential concerns include dehydration, increased susceptibility to illness, and the energy costs associated with running air conditioning units.


Striking the right balance between comfort and moderation seems to be the key when it comes to utilizing air conditioning during the warmer months.


The Benefits of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning doesn’t just provide relief and comfort from the oppressive heat; for some people, it is crucial for their health. High temperatures and high humidity are dangerous for vulnerable populations like those with medical conditions, older people, and infants. Well-maintained air-conditioned air can often be better for the health of those at-risk populations than the outside air. 


1. Respiratory issues: Spending time indoors in chilled air can dry out nasal passages and exacerbate respiratory conditions like asthma and allergies.


Solution: Maintain clean air filters. Your HVAC air filters are the first line of defense to keep pollutants and dust from circulating within your home.


2. Skin issues: Cold, dry air can lead to skin dryness and itchiness and make conditions like eczema flare up.


Solution: Hydrate. Drinking water helps to counteract any drying effects of air conditioning on the body. 


3. Spread airborne diseases: HVAC systems that have not been well-maintained can spread poor indoor air quality throughout the home.


Solution: Enroll your HVAC system in a maintenance plan. A professional technician will evaluate your system and flag issues early to mitigate the risk of a malfunction affecting your home’s air quality. 


4. Contribute to a sedentary lifestyle: Reliance on air conditioning could discourage some who can tolerate outdoor air temperatures from remaining sedentary, which is detrimental to overall health.


Solution: Temperature regulation. Use a SMART thermostat to regulate the temperature inside your home, avoiding big overcorrections and swings in your indoor air temperature. It’s best to keep the difference between the outdoor and indoor temps as small as possible and ideally no more than 20 degrees. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends indoor temperatures of 78 degrees in summer.  


Prevent Expensive AC Repairs in South Central PA with Neffsville Heating & Cooling


Air quality is an important component of overall health. Air conditioning plays a role in ensuring we are comfortable and get relief from dangerous outdoor temperatures. When properly maintained, your home’s air conditioning can be essential in keeping you healthy.


Our experts at Neffsville Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Services offer annual air conditioner maintenance to prevent many expensive AC repairs and provide the peace of mind that your HVAC system is providing the best indoor air quality safely.


Contact us today for an inspection of your system. When you need a repair for your South Central Pennsylvania home, we’ll send an experienced HVAC technician to complete top quality air conditioner repair, installation, or maintenance services.

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