5 Signs You Should Replace Your Furnace

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5 Signs You Should Replace Your Furnace

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When Should You Replace Your Furnace?

As winter’s chill settles in, your furnace becomes a vital ally in maintaining a cozy home. However, like any hardworking appliance, it may drop subtle hints when repairs are needed. Stay ahead of the cold and ensure your home stays warm and comfortable by recognizing these telltale signs:


  • Your Energy Bills Are Climbing: Compare your energy bills year over year. Are you noticing a steady increase in your bill independent of an increase in rates? Your HVAC system may not operate as efficiently as it could. Older systems at the end of their life cycle don’t operate at peak performance and could end up costing you more in energy consumption.
  • Your Furnace Is Making Banging or Grinding Noises: While your furnace will make a clicking sound when it turns on or off, you should not hear a clang or banging sound while it’s operating. Conduct a visual inspection for cracks or corrosion. Sometimes, loud grinding or banging noises indicate a bigger issue with your furnace and could indicate a need to replace it.
  • Your House Isn’t Warm Enough: Programmable thermostats help regulate your home’s energy usage and keep your indoor air temperature consistent. However, if your home heating system can’t keep up with demand or you see big temperature swings in different rooms, an HVAC professional should evaluate if your furnace is to blame.
  • Your Furnace Is More Than 15 Years Old: The average life span of a furnace ranges from 15 to 20 years. If you aren’t the original homeowner, check the system’s model number on the furnace to search online for the year it was installed. If you are having problems with the furnace and are deciding between heating repair and replacement, you should factor the furnace’s age into your decision.
  • Your Air Seems Extremely Dry: Dry air isn’t just a static situation — it can be unhealthy. If your home’s air seems dry, your furnace could be the problem. Upgrading to a new model with a built-in humidifier can help to regulate the humidity levels in your home.


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