Is November the Right Time to Upgrade My Home’s Heating System?

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Is November the Right Time to Upgrade My Home’s Heating System?

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Your HVAC rarely gets a break between steamy summers and frigid winters. So, what’s the best time for a heating system upgrade? Learn about the timing of your heating system upgrade and what’s involved in a heating system replacement project.

Is November a good time to upgrade my heating system?

November in Central Pennsylvania pits Steelers versus Eagles fans and a battle between the last few warm fall days and chilly winter ones. According to weather forecasts, as October transitions to November, the average high temperatures go from 62 degrees to 50 degrees. This above-freezing level makes it an ideal time to upgrade your heating system.


In addition to the mild climate, November is a sweet spot when HVAC professionals are no longer responding to emergency air conditioning calls for service, and heating emergency demands have not yet kicked in. This means you can often find specials on heating system upgrades, and you can have more flexibility in selecting the most convenient time to have the work completed.

How long will an HVAC upgrade take?

Wondering how long your HVAC upgrade will take? That depends on what you have done, the type of home, and the type of system. Neffsville Heating & Cooling installs several different types of heating systems, including:


  • Furnaces: This popular option uses ductwork throughout the home to deliver reliable heat.
  • Boilers: These use steam or hot water to heat the home via a radiator or radiant floor heating.
  • Heat pumps: This HVAC system transfers heat from a cool space to create a warm one by using thermal energy.
  • Ductless mini-splits: These systems offer zoned temperature control using multiple air handlers.


If you’re swapping from one type of heating system to another, your heating professional can advise you on the best system for your needs. Your professional will give you an estimate of how much it will cost and how long it will take to do the work.

Factors That Impact Installation Cost & Time

There are several factors that will impact installation cost and time, such as:


  • Is it a replacement of a component already in place or do you need new wiring and ductwork?
  • Is your home on the ground floor or will your unit be installed on a higher level or roof?
  • Is your home large enough to require more than one unit or additional ductwork?


This mild weather makes it an ideal time for your heating system upgrade. If you’re looking at a full HVAC system installation, the process could be completed in as little as one day or up to 6 days in the case of a new installation.

Choose Neffsville Heating & Cooling for HVAC Services in Lancaster County

Your Neffsville Heating & Cooling professional can advise you whether your home needs a heating system upgrade or whether a heating repair would do the trick. Our team of experts has the experience to know how to get the most out of your home’s heating system.


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