5 Things You Must Do to Prep Your HVAC & Plumbing Systems for Spring

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Woman filling vase with water in her kitchen sink

5 Things You Must Do to Prep Your HVAC & Plumbing Systems for Spring

Budding trees, longer days, and baseball opening day aren’t just signs of spring; they’re signs it’s time to get your home ready for a new season! Here are five things you need to do to get your home’s HVAC and plumbing systems ready for the spring and summer: 1. Prep Your Sump Pump for Summer Showers […]

Closeup of hand on toilet lever

5 Steps to Stop an Overflowing Toilet

We have all been there, you’ve flushed the handle on your toilet and it starts to overflow. Don’t let your panic rise along with the water. Here are the things you need to do when your toilet begins to overflow: 1. Stop The Rising Tide! You have three options to immediately stop the flow of […]

Exposed kitchen sink pipes under cabinet

Frozen Pipes 101

What They Are, How You Prevent Them & What To Do If You Have One Skiers, snowboarders, and ice skaters are thriving in winter’s frigid temperatures, but your home’s frozen pipes could turn the season’s winter wonderland into a house of horrors! Here’s how to prevent frozen pipes this winter and what to do if […]

Family gathered around the kitchen counter for Christmas

Heating & Plumbing Tips To Prepare Your Home for Holiday Entertaining

The holidays may have your home packed with visitors this holiday season, but ensure your home is ready by following these heating and plumbing tips: Heating Tips for Entertaining You’ve done everything to make your holiday guests comfortable, but you might get the cold shoulder if your home is chilly. Before they arrive, you should […]

Woman with Baked Potatoes and Cutting Board

How To Avoid Plumbing Problems That Ruffle Your Feathers This Thanksgiving

You know what’s a recipe for disaster this Thanksgiving? Overstuffing your garbage disposal. Follow these tips to ensure your plumbing can handle your Thanksgiving cooking and cleanup. You’ll be thankful you did! It’s Not a Grind You can mash it and smash it, but it doesn’t mean you should grind it. Stringy and starchy foods […]

Home with yellow fallen leaves in yard

10 Home Maintenance Tasks To Check Off Your To-Do List This Fall

When pumpkin spice becomes the dominant flavor of almost everything, you know it’s just about fall. So, in addition to getting your palate ready for the holiday season, it’s also time to get your home’s plumbing and HVAC system ready for fall, y’all. Here’s your 10-point checklist for fall HVAC and plumbing maintenance: 1. Drain […]

Closeup of hand flushing a toilet

What Not To Flush Down Your Toilet

Out of sight, out of mind, as the saying goes! But when it comes to flushing things down your toilet, what you no longer see can cause some big problems for your plumbing system. Here are 10 things that are often flushed down toilets and shouldn’t be: 1. Wipes Even though they are marketed as […]

water flowing down a drain

What Is the Difference Between a Drain Clearing & Drain Cleaning Service?

When your plumbing system isn’t working properly, what you really want is the right fix. But do you know whether you need your drains cleaned or cleared? Let’s look at the difference between drain cleaning and drain clearing. What Is Drain Cleaning? Depending on the substances put down your drains, the age of your pipes, […]

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