10 Things to Check if Your Heating System Isn’t Working

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10 Things to Check if Your Heating System Isn’t Working

Winter coats were made for the outdoors. But you might need to layer up in your living room when your heating system is on the fritz. Here’s a helpful checklist homeowners can use to troubleshoot a heating system breakdown.


Check the Thermostat Setting

The change from fall to winter temperatures often requires changing your programmable thermostat settings. Adjust the thermostat to a temperature requiring the furnace to kick on. If the heat doesn’t turn on, the issue might not be with the thermostat.


Check the Filters

Often, clogged filters are an easy fix to a stalled heating system. Clogged filters can cause the system’s heat exchanger to overheat and shut off. Inspect your filters about once a month to see if they need replacing.


Check Your Circuit Breakers

A tripped circuit breaker can mean your system isn’t getting power. Switch the circuit back to the “ON” position to restore power.


Check the Condensation Pan

Many systems have an automatic shutoff if the condensation pan is full or the condensation drainage line is blocked. Clear the line, empty the pan, and then reset the system.


Check the Pilot Light

If your system’s pilot light is out, it might be blowing cold air. If relighting it doesn’t work or the electric pilot is out, you may need a professional to restore it.


Check Your Ductwork

Leaks in your ductwork can cause uneven heating throughout your home. Identifying cold spots in the home might be traced back to leaks in the ductwork, allowing heat to escape.


Check the Furnace Filter

Your furnace has a filter of its own found inside the unit. If it’s clogged, it will cause your system to turn off.


Check the Gas Valve

Gas furnaces have a gas valve that might have been turned off and never turned back to the ON position.


Check the Outdoor Exhaust Vent

A system that vents to the outside of the house must have a clear exhaust vent, or the system could overheat and shut down.


Check Your Outdoor Compressor

Heat pump systems rely on an outdoor compressor unit. The unit should be cleared of leaves, branches, high grasses, and other debris.


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